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Following the developments of symbolic logic in the late nineteenth century and mathematical logic in the twentieth century, philosophers in the trend of analytic philosophy have been interested in using logical and other analytical methods to deal with philosophical problems or issues, on the one hand, and in explaining logical concepts to disclose their philosophical implication or significance, on the other. Skip to main content. This service is more advanced with JavaScript available.

Introduction: Chinese Philosophy of Logic

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Formal logic in China has a special place in the history of logic due to its repression and abandonment—in contrast to the strong ancient adoption and continued development of the study of logic in Europe , India, and the Islamic world. In China, a contemporary of Confucius , Mozi , "Master Mo", is credited with founding the Mohist school, whose canons dealt with issues relating to valid inference and the conditions of correct conclusions. However, they were nonproductive and not integrated into Chinese science or mathematics. The Mohist school of Chinese philosophy contained an approach to logic and argumentation that stresses rhetorical analogies over mathematical reasoning, and is based on the three fa , or methods of drawing distinctions between kinds of things. One of the schools that grew out of Mohism , the Logicians , are credited by some scholars for their early investigation of formal logic. During the subsequent Qin Dynasty , the rule of Legalism repressed this Mohist line of investigation, which has been said to have disappeared in China until the introduction of Indian philosophy and Indian logic by Buddhists. However, the summit of this late Imperial scholarship, according to Graham, was the 'magnificent' commentary of Sun Yirang, which 'threw open the sanctum of the Canons to all comers.

Ancient Chinese Logic. A Survey of Contemporary Studies

Theory and History of Ontology by Raul Corazzon e-mail: rc ontology. Ontology - Mirror Website. Western historians, confusing logic and theory of language, used the term 'logicians' to describe those philosophers whom the Chinese called the 'name school'. The best known of these were Hui Shi b. This group now also includes the Later Mohists and the term 'distinction school' translated as 'dialecticians' has become common.

Comparative study of Greece and China dates back to the mutual awareness of their classical traditions that began with the Jesuit missions to China in the late sixteenth century. The full potential of such work was delayed in part by the slow and inconsistent progress of translation of classical texts. Further complications arose from the processes of industrialization and colonialization in the nineteenth century, which contributed to notions of the cultural superiority of the West, hindering the study of both traditions on equal terms. Changing intellectual trends and shifts in global economic and political power have contributed to a reassessment and to approaches that account for similarities and differences without assuming that the Greek tradition is superior or paradigmatic. Keywords: Greece , China , comparative literature , comparative philosophy , history of science , reception history.

Language and Logic in Ancient China Chad Hansen

These normative views are especially clear in the writings of Xunzi, a Confucian scholar of the late Warring States period who attempted to assimilate the key insights of the Mohists on language and logic into a general Confucian theory of ethics Lin When with differences in expression and divergence in thought we communicate with each other, and different things are obscurely confounded in name or as objects, the noble and the base will not be clarified, the same and different will not be distinguished; in such cases intent will inevitably suffer from frustration and obstruction. Therefore the wise made for them apportionments and distinctions and instituted names to point out objects, in the first place in order to clarify noble and base, secondly to distinguish same and different. When noble and base are clarified, and same and different distinguished, intent is not hampered by failure to communicate and action does not suffer from frustration and obstruction.

Language and logic in ancient China : collected papers on the Chinese language and logic

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Logic and Language in Early Chinese Philosophy

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PDF | On Dec 1, , A. C. Graham and others published Language and Logic in Ancient China | Find, read and cite all the research you need.

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Chapter three, "Background Theories of Language in Ancient China," surveys briefly the major Chinese philosophers of the period: Lao Tzu, Confucius and.