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superhero trivia questions and answers pdf

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Are you die-hard lovers of superhero? No matter if you are big fans of Marvel or DC Comics, this small test will check your knowledge about heroes and villains, and stretch your brain to the limits. Iron Man Click to see the correct answer Answer: B.

This superhero happens to be in the first comic Marvel has produced ever.

Super Strength b. Capable of crawling on walls and ceilings c. Spider Sense d.

Superheroes Trivia Quiz

Super Strength b. Capable of crawling on walls and ceilings c. Spider Sense d. Shoots webbing from his wrists. Shoots webbing from his wrists - In the movie, he shot webbing from his wrists. In the comic book, he built a device to do this. Brainiac - Brainiac is a villain in Superman comics.

Wally West b. Barry Allen c. Jay Garrick d. Hal Jordan. Killer Croc b. The Juggernaut c. Magneto d. Batman - Oliver Queen is the secret identity of Green Arrow. Beauty - The Powerpuff Girls protect the city of Townsville. Magneto b. Lady Deathstrike d. Ultron - Ultron is an archenemy of the Avengers.

Swamp-Thing b. Richard Simmons c. Ironman d. The Toxic Avenger. Shazam - Captain Marvel has had several TV shows including a cartoon in the 80's.

Heat vision b. Flight c. Super strength d. Invisibility - Batman is human. He has no superpowers. Chameleon b. Plastic Man c. Elastic Boy d. Chameleon - The Chameleon can imitate anybody. Which of the following is NOT a power Spiderman received when bitten by a radioactive spider in the original Marvel comic book series?

Shoots webbing from his wrists Shoots webbing from his wrists - In the movie, he shot webbing from his wrists. Which of these villains is NOT an enemy of Batman? The Joker b. Ra's Al Chul c. The Penguin d. Brainiac Brainiac - Brainiac is a villain in Superman comics. What, classically, was the weakness of the Green Lantern's ring? Kryptonite b. The Color Yellow c. Lead d.

Millionaire Bruce Wayne is the alter ego of? Spiderman b. Superman c. Green Arrow d. Which one of these is not a Powerpuff Girl? Blossom b. Bubbles c. Beauty d. Which of these villains are not a regular enemy of the X-Men? Ultron Ultron - Ultron is an archenemy of the Avengers. The hideously deformed creature of superhuman size and strength is? Which of these superhero characters have not had their own movie? Punisher b. Deadpool c. Captain America d.

What magic word s did young Billy Batson utter to turn into Captain Marvel? Shazam b. Presto c. Captain Marvel d. Which of these was not an original Avenger? Thor b. Daredevil c. Which of these is not a power that Superman has? Invisibility Invisibility - Batman is human. Which of these characters do not have the ability to stretch their bodies? Fantastic Chameleon - The Chameleon can imitate anybody.

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Who is your favorite superhero? Would you like to know if your personality is related to that superhero? Take the online superhero quizzes and find out. Speak now. We all love superheroes.

Kal-el - Superman's secret identity on Earth is Clark Kent. The Punisher - The Punisher has no superpowers, just lots and lots of guns. Iceman - Mr. Insecticide - Spiderman's alter ego is Peter Parker. Themyscira - Originally, we knew of Themyscira as Paradise Island. The Earth's Yellow Sun - Superman is so powerful that he can fly against the spin of the earth to reverse time. Robin - Batman first appeared in DC comics.

Superheroes Trivia Quiz. Free Trivia Questions and Answers - Printable Trivia. Click the question mark found beside each question for the answer.

39 Superhero Quiz Questions and Answers – The Dream World

Index Newest Popular Best. Sign Up: Free! Log In. Accuracy : A team of editors takes feedback from our visitors to keep trivia as up to date and as accurate as possible. Related quizzes can be found here: Marvel Comics Quizzes There are questions on this topic.

Ever since a child is born, he is told stories of superheroes and how they save people and help others. Toys to play and Movies children prefer to watch usually revolve around super-heroes. So, children develop an image of superheroes as the most potent, sympathetic, kindhearted, and prevailing beings who can do whatever they want. The word superheroes date back to at least

So, what are you waiting for? Read on. They had to sell these characters to studios for them to rise from bankruptcy.

45 Best Marvel Trivia Questions And Answers – This is the list you need.

Here are some quiz questions and answers you can use in your quiz or trivia night.

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Superhero Trivia Questions & Answers

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30 Marvel questions for your home pub quiz

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