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Near-death experiences NDEs are life transformational events that are increasingly being subjected to empirical research. However, to date, no study has investigated the phenomenon of a meditation-induced near-death experience MI-NDE that is referred to in ancient Buddhist texts.

Mindfully Facing Disease and Death: Compassionate Advice from Early Buddhist Texts eBook

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Jan - Mar Mindfulness of Breathing Retreat. The course will be delivered in English, there will be no translation available. This course is intended for those who have attended previous courses on Satipatthana by Bhikkhu Analayo. Analayo, Perspectives on Satipatthana, Windhorse Publications.

Once Again on Mindfulness and Memory in Early Buddhism

Leave a Comment. This piece, presented here as a two-part series, draws on early Buddhist texts to elucidate the potential for mindfulness to inform our understanding of and response to ecological crises. He suggests that truly helpful solutions require consistent practice for they can only be found and enacted by a mind unclouded by defilements. On May 2, , the parliament of the United Kingdom declared climate emergency. The undertaking of this action at the governmental level is an important step in taking seriously the current ecological and climatic crisis. The destruction of the environment and climate change have reached dimensions that, if unchecked, threaten the very survival of humanity on this planet.

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Disease and death are undeniably integral parts of human life. Yet when they manifest we are easily caught unprepared. To prepare for these, we need to learn how to skilfully face illness and passing away. A source of practical wisdom can be found in the early discourses that record the teachings given by the Buddha and his disciples. Our eBooks can be read on Kindle, Apple software, Nook and other devices.

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Bhikkhu Analayo

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This book is a practice manual both for individuals facing sickness and death and for those motivated to assist others in those circumstances. The subject takes on a broader global relevance at this time on the planet, given the fact that mindfulness as a meditation practice and as a way of being has become progressively integrated into the mainstream of modern medicine, psychology, and health care over the past four decades, and there is a growing scientific literature on its effects. In the first noble truth, the Buddha doesn t mince words when he declares that the path to liberation begins by coming to terms with two of life s stark realities: sickness and death. That scholarship and meditative practice combine to produce a book that is, at once, easy to understand and deeply insightful. The book is impressively comprehensive.

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Cărți scrise de Bhikkhu Analayo

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