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meaning and definition of personality development pdf

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How Do Personalities Develop?

What exactly is personality? Where does it come from? Does it change as we grow older? These are the sorts of questions that have long held the fascination of psychologists and which have inspired a number of different theories of personality. While personality is something that we talk about all the time "He has such a great personality!

Theories of Personality

Individuals need to have a style of their own for others to follow them. Do not blindly copy others. You need to set an example for people around. Personality development not only makes you look good and presentable but also helps you face the world with a smile. Personality development goes a long way in reducing stress and conflicts. It encourages individuals to look at the brighter sides of life. Face even the worst situations with a smile.

Theories and Terminology of Personality Psychology

This interaction is illustrated in a discussion of the influence of significant relationships, the development of social understanding, the growth of personality, and the development of social and emotional competence in childhood. The answers that readily come to mind include the influences of parents, peers, temperament, a moral compass, a strong sense of self, and sometimes critical life experiences such as parental divorce. Social and personality development encompasses these and many other influences on the growth of the person. In addition, it addresses questions that are at the heart of understanding how we develop as unique people. How much are we products of nature or nurture? How enduring are the influences of early experiences?

Personality psychology is considered the study of individual differences in behavior—how individuals behave differently from one another in various situations. Developmental personality psychologists are interested in understanding the ways individuals develop their unique patterns of responding to the environment based on genetic endowments and social histories. Also of interest is identifying the ways in which personality changes or is stable across development, as well as identifying early behavioral precursors that are predictive of later individual differences. From these multiple interests have come a number of perspectives on personality development relevant to the age period spanning infancy through adolescence birth to twenty years of age. Behavioral individuality in newborns is defined as temperament. A number of competing models of temperament have been proposed, but most generally view temperament as a construct that represents the early emerging, constitutionally based, behavioral individuality that is consistent over both time and situations.

Social and Personality Development in Childhood

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Adolescent developmental stages ; Personality dispositions ; Personality traits. Adolescence is a critical developmental period when many self-concepts are redefined and constructed and undergo various changes as a result of both internal and external factors. In adolescence, motivations and goals begin to guide behavior Ernst et al. Personality development refers to the developmental changes related to mean-level trends, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors Soto and Tackett that characterize adolescents.

By Dr. Saul McLeod , updated What is this thing we call personality?

Personality development is the relatively enduring pattern of the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that distinguish individuals from each other.

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Personality Development in Adolescence

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