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Contributions to the History of Indian Mathematics pp Cite as. He says that when he sets out to interpret the thoughts and history of a bygone age, he obeys the above injunctions set by him for himself — not to ridicule, not to mourn, never to detest, but try to understand — an excellent piece of advice to anyone who interprets ancient writings. Unable to display preview.

AmmaSarasvati - 2007 Geometry in Ancient & Medieval India

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BakPer - How Nature Works. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Datta and ANN. Singh, which deals with ancient Indian arithmetic and algebra. R, Institure Vol. In fet tl book considerably. Delhi 1wo1 Bema: mibd ysn. But in the case of geometry, we are on more solid grounds.

Not only are the Sulba Sttras earlier in date to Pythagoras but the entire sacrificial system and the fire altars, vedis for which the Sulba Stras were intended, are already pre- by the Revedic hymns. It isin this respect that work such as the one being introduced here important, Dr. Sarasvati has examined ancient Indian geometry as seen in the Vedic period and its Sulba Sitras and in the texts of the classical and post-lassical periods of Sanskrit literature, as also in the Jain texts like the Sirya, Candra and Jambadvipa Prajiaptis.

The work was recommended for the Doctorate Degree by Judges who were mathematicians and its publication Will be an addition to the meagre expositions available on the scientitic aspects of Sanskrit literature.

The efforts of the section of the Ministry of Education dealing with the history of Science in India and of the Association for the History of Science and theit Journal have been helpful for the development of researches in this field. Special emphasis was laid by the First International Sanskrit Conference. Thope that the author will continue her investigations in this specialised field and will make further contributions to the eluci- dation of the Sanskrit literature on mathematics. Madras V.

Ksetra means a closed figure whether it be a fcld or a figure drawn on the calculating board. Ksetraganita does not include the calculation of volumes, which is generally given under a separate heading Khatayy.

Rasiganita, calculations connected with heaps also has some geometrical interest. The present work is mainly based on the Kjetra and Khata sections ff available mathematical texts, Rasiganita is rarely made use of, since these calculations are usually approximations.

Most Astronomical calculations being based on geometry, the purely astronomical texts also will yield geometrical material. But stich material is not included in this study. These are also omitted in this study unless they have some special geome- trical interest. The completion of this work as planned is primarily due to the help and encouragement received from my guide, Dr. Raghavan, Professor of Sanskrit since retired , Madras University. I am extremely grateful for his guidance and for tracing this book with his valuable Foreword.

I also acknowledge with grateful hanks the help given to me by Prof. Sharma, now Reader in Sanskrit, Punjab University, in procuring books and manuscripts and in unravelling the meaning of obscure mathematical passages, and the help of my friends and colleagues Smt. Prabhakar in correcting. Chapter IM. The Triangle Early mention of — treatment by Aryabhata, by Brahmagupta etc. Chapter VII. Volumes and Surfaces of Solids Volume in early works — the pyramid — Aryabhata 1's rule for the volume of a tetrahedron — pyramid.

Chapter X. The beginnings of algebra fare 10 be traved to the constructional geometry of the Vedic priests preserved in the Sulbasirras. In later periods also algebra mist have leaned on geometry.

For, down the ages, Indian mathematicians have shown a predilection for demonstrating Algebraical truths geometrically see Ch. So too the Avithmeticnl operations, multiplication and division were demon- Atfaled geometrically.

Trigonometry is, as its name proclaims, the geometry of the triangle, Indian trigonometry which employ- 4 Hine and cosine chords instead of the ratios has always fetined its geometrical character. The Sulbasirras Sth to 8th century 6. A geometrical knowledge of this level could not have come into existence over hight, The absence of earlier records has led many scholars to posit large-scale indebtedness to foreign countries, chiefly Baby- lonia.

Even the scant remnants of the Indus Valley Civilisation excavated at Harappa and Mohenjo-daro reveal some acquaintance with geometry. In the words of E. Hence it seems more probable that Indian geometry developed gradually 1M. Mackay, Fursher Excavations at Mohenjo-dro, , p.

Even the Subasiras may have preserved only part of the mathe- matical knowledge of those days, the part that was necessary for constructing the sacrificial altars and for computing the calendar to regulate the performance of sacrifices.

With the sacrificial cult of the later Vedic period waning in influence and the ising ascendency of the cosmography of the Jainas and the astronomy of the Hindus, geometry becomes circle-oriented, so that Indian geometry after the dawn of the Christian era can pertinently be termed chord- geometry. It was studied for the sake of astronomy and along with the rest of mathematics, forms part of astronomical trea- tises. But this does not mean there was a break in continuity The Sulbasitra theorem of the square of the diagonal continued isthe chief tool in the hands of the astronomer-geometer.

The circle-centred nature of Indian geometry was not fully appreciat- ed by some of the Indian mathema:icians themselves, the most notable amongst such being Aryabhata I 10th cent. The amount of geometrical knowledge as also the knowledge of complicated mathemati- cal series which went into the derivation of the easy-to-handle rules of computation found in astronomical manuals is also hardly appreciated by the practising astronomer and astrologer.

In the Indian mathematical texts there is no attempt at any proof or derivation and the earlier commentaries too do not improve the situation much, But luckily there are Introduction 3 some commentaries and an independent work meant to be an aid to the understanding of an astronomical text which preserve many elaborate proofs and derivations of complicated mathe- matical series etc.

Knowledge for its own sake did not appeal to the Indian mind. Every discipline Sastra must have a purpose. Hence the paucity of treatis:s devoted wholly to mathematics.

The Bakhshali manuscript, the Patiganita and Trlatikd of Sridhara and the Ganitasara-samgraha of Mahavira are the only erly works dealing exclusively with mathematics Other important developments in Indian mathematics are also the outcome of religious needs. The lover limit of this civilization cannot fe later than me.

The most noteworthy feature of this eviization is wellplanned towns for which some know: Iedgs, of geometry is indispensable. We also have other Gridence of the geometrical sense of this ancient people. We do not yet know what the exact relationship between Ihis eliyivilization and the Vedic civilization was. This points to a close connection bet- geometrical knowledge of the two periods since the the Vedic period, as far as we know, existed for altars.

Wision of the Vedic seers was externalised trigonometry and the geometry of cyclic figures out of the calculations in the celestial circle. Indeterminate analysis, for which the Indians are justly famous, is again intimately connected with astronomical calculations. The study of permutations and combinations was inspired by literary criticism the prosody part of it , necessary accomplishment of a man of refined tastes. The nonchalance with which the splendid achieve- ments of Greek geometry were ignored, while the pseudo-science of Greek and Babylonian astrology.

In the history of Indian geometry three distinct periods can be discerned : 1 the pre-Aryan period, the remains of whose civilization have been dug up in Harappa, Mohenjo-daro and other places in the Indus Valley.

To meet these demands the in India though eminent scholars like B. Tilak and Science of geometry grew up and was codified in the Sulbasitras. Yet we find in them words like trirairi and earurasri Re Veda 1, 21, , 2 , dasabhuji Ibid.

Though-these are of doubtful geometrical significance their presence in. Finally, along with the codification derstanding of the Vedas and the performance of the sacrifices, the geometrical Knowledge required for the construction of the altars was put together in the Sulbasitras, which form supplements to the Kalpa- siuras oF are incorporated in them. The Sulbasifras cannot be later than the Sth century. To them ganiza calculations or more broadly mathe- matics was one of the four anuyogas, adjuncts to religious in- struction, just as jyotisaor astronomy was one of the accessories fof the various disciplines for the correct TZ DMG.

Hence we find mensuration formulae connected tizcles, segments, trapezia and trapezoidal solids and rules id with mathematical series, permutations and com- fions scattered through Jaina canonical works, while works the Siryeprajiapti and Candraprajnapti deal exclusively with omy as understood by the Jainas. Series mathematics dally seems to have got a great impetus from their cosmo- JPaphical enguiries.

List of Famous Indian mathematicians from Ancient to Modern India

Indian mathematics emerged in the Indian subcontinent [1] from BC [2] until the end of the 18th century. The decimal number system in use today [3] was first recorded in Indian mathematics. Ancient and medieval Indian mathematical works, all composed in Sanskrit , usually consisted of a section of sutras in which a set of rules or problems were stated with great economy in verse in order to aid memorization by a student. This was followed by a second section consisting of a prose commentary sometimes multiple commentaries by different scholars that explained the problem in more detail and provided justification for the solution. In the prose section, the form and therefore its memorization was not considered so important as the ideas involved. The oldest extant mathematical document produced on the Indian subcontinent is the birch bark Bakhshali Manuscript , discovered in in the village of Bakhshali , near Peshawar modern day Pakistan and is likely from the 7th century CE.

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Mathematics in Ancient and Medieval India

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Indian mathematics

There is amazing mathematics used in Hindu Rituals in constructions of Vedis and Citis. The Sulba sutras had been estimated to have been composed around B C some recent researchers are suggesting earlier dates.

Geometry in ancient and medieval India

Mathematics is the study of topics such as quantity numbers , structure, space and change. For example- decimal number system, concept of zero as a number, negative numbers, arithmetic, algebra, trigonometry etc. From ancient to the Medieval India, the mathematical works were composed in Sanskrit especially consists of sutras in which a set of rules or problems were stated. Here, we are giving the list of Indian mathematicians from Ancient to Modern India with their contribution.

Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. Amma Published Art. This book is a geometrical survey of the Sanskrit and Prakrt scientific and quasi-scientific literature and ending with the early part of the 17th century. The work seeks to explode the theory that the Indian mathematical genius was predominantly genius was predominantly algebraic and computational and that is eschewed proofs and rationales.

Email: karabidc gmail. History of Indian Mathematics - Modern Perspective. J Math Stat Comput. Copyright: Karabi Dutta Choudhury. This is an Open Access article published and distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited. Full text 1.

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Geometry in Ancient and Medieval India - T. A. Sarasvati Amma

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Geometry in Ancient and Medieval India

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