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You don't need a technical background or even a very comprehensive knowledge of how each of the components operate. But you do need to know what each component does and what its requirement is.

So, what are the pros and cons of security cameras and surveillance cameras? Whether the cameras are placed discretely at home or workplace, the sight is usually scary to anyone with ill motives since they will know that their illegal activity has been captured. Moreover, in case of any suspicion of a crime occurrence at a given place, the area can be cleared as a precaution. A few things to keep in mind while shopping around for surveillance cameras:.

Security Cameras vs Surveillance Cameras: Pros and Cons

You don't need a technical background or even a very comprehensive knowledge of how each of the components operate. But you do need to know what each component does and what its requirement is.

In this guide, we will describe most of the common closed circuit television components and supplementary equipment, and provide guidelines for their selection. While other supplemental components may be added into more complex systems, the camera, monitor and video cable form the core of all CCTV security systems.

The Camera The camera is the eye of the system. Its only function is to provide a view of the site under surveillance by sending an electronic signal along a video cable. It is passive, it only views the scene similar to the human eye. Tube cameras are no longer used for a few reasons. Tubes wear out, are fragile, more expensive, and cannot match the versatility of the CCD Charged Coupled Device or 'chip' camera. To date, not one camera has needed replacement due to worn out parts, degraded video output, or any other defect in the camera itself.

Our return service on a completed install is. This is due to quality equipment, proper placement, and a well trained sales and technical staff. The Monitor The monitor receives the signal sent by the camera and converts the signal into a picture on a television screen. At least one monitor must be provided at each viewing station in the CCTV system in order to see the view provided by the camera s. The Cable The cable required for a basic system is 75 ohm coax cable.

Each camera is connected by an individual cable to a switcher, and only one cable runs from the switcher to the monitor. This is because only one video signal can be transmitted on any monitor at any one time. The viewer uses the switcher to determine which camera's video signal will be sent onto the monitor and displayed on the screen. The viewer may make the selection manually or program a sequential switcher to automatically change from view to view.

In security CCTV systems with a large number of cameras, it is usually desirable to divide the cameras into groups and use a second switcher and a second monitor to provide views of the different areas. Cameras The first criteria for selecting a camera for a CCTV system is the minimum light level the camera must operate in. This criteria remains constant regardless of whether the camera is mounted indoors or outdoors. CCD cameras can be divided into three classifications of operation based on lighting considerations.

These three classifications are listed with descriptions of the levels of light. General Purpose Cameras - Most general purpose cameras will work well indoors. Light levels must remain relatively high and evenly illuminated to effect a good quality picture. With out the aid of auto-iris lenses or infrared illumination. Low Lux Cameras - A low lux camera can in some instances 'see' with the illumination from a single lit match. In reality, CCD cameras see well in the infrared spectrum.

A low lux camera is any camera with a lux level of light measurement below 1 lux. A lux of. Color Cameras -Color cameras require an enormous amount of light compared to a black and white camera. A color camera would work well indoors with bright illumination. Outdoors, high intensity lights 75 to watts would be needed at night to reflect the colors back on to the camera. Daytime light usually is adequate for a color camera.

Monitors Selection and placement of monitors is quite simple, but very important. The only decision is which size to use, and that is determined by the viewing distance. Rayco Security Inc.

10 Different Types of CCTV Cameras and Their Purpose

A closed-circuit television camera can produce images or recordings for surveillance or other private purposes. Cameras can be either video cameras , or digital stills cameras. The main purpose of a CCTV camera is to capture light and convert it into a video signal. The CCD converts light into an electrical signal and then signal processing converts this electrical signal into a video signal that can be recorded or displayed on the screen. Video cameras are either analogue or digital, which means that they work on the basis of sending analogue or digital signals to a storage device such as a video tape recorder or desktop computer or laptop computer. These cameras can record straight to a video tape recorder which are able to record analogue signals as pictures. If the analogue signals are recorded to tape, then the tape must run at a very slow speed in order to operate continuously.

Search for crime statistics in your area. With so many different types of CCTV cameras on the market, there are now a variety of solutions for every industry. As a result of this huge range, it can be difficult to choose which CCTV camera is right for your business. Are you wondering which CCTV camera to buy for your business premises? Use our expert guide to select a solution that is fit for purpose and provides the level of security you require, in order to safeguard your property and staff.

CCTV camera technology is advanced and sophisticated, requiring specialist knowledge by a CCTV installer to install and set up correctly. There is a vast array of options, together with terminology that you may not have heard of before. If you need any help while reading this guide, please call us on Please contact us here. When buying a camera system, many factors must be considered, for example how the system will be used, technical CCTV camera specifications and constraints of the environment into which the system is installed. The main function of a CCTV camera is to capture light and convert it into a video signal.

do they represent that its use would not infringe privately owned rights. The type of camera best suited for a CCTV system depends on the In manual mode, the operator can control the direction of the camera depending on situational.

Closed-circuit television camera

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Thanks for your subscription! We all know the importance to select the right CCTV camera type for the right application and location. So what's the best security camera type for home security? Which one should I choose to watch my pets, the livestock or the nanny?

Do you wanna know what CCTV system is? Security is essential in every sphere of life.

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CCTV Cameras Explained

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What Are the Different Types of CCTV Camera?

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Types of CCTV Cameras – The Complete Guide


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There are basically two types of video surveillance systems, CCTV closed-circuit television , also known as analog, and IP cameras, also known as network cameras.