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Published: 21.05.2021

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G. Pólya mathematics and plausible reasoning

This week, we'll have a brief discussion of Wickelgren, and then move on to talk about Euclidean diagrammatic reasoning. Read any of the following: Mumma, "Proofs, pictures and Euclid," pdf. Mumma, "The role of geometric content in Euclid's diagrammatic reasoning", pdf. November This week, we'll finish the discussion of Schoenfeld, and start discussing Wickelgren's take on problem solving: pdf , pdf , pdf November 9. This week we will finish up the discussion of Polya; specifically, we'll talk about the excerpt from Patterns of plausible inference volume II of Mathematics and plausible reasoning.

Halmos reviewing the book summarised the central thesis of the book thus: ". Polya begins Volume I with a discussion on induction , not mathematical induction , but as a way of guessing new results. This is the well known Goldbach's conjecture. The first problem in the first chapter is to guess the rule according to which the successive terms of the following sequence are chosen: 11, 31, 41, 61, 71, , ,. In the next chapter the techniques of generalization, specialization and analogy are presented as possible strategies for plausible reasoning. In the remaining chapters, these ideas are illustrated by discussing the discovery of several results in various fields of mathematics like number theory, geometry, etc.

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In the first place, this book intends to serve students and teachers of mathematics. Yet in a sense the book is also a philosophical essay.

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