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Sales territory management is more important than many may realize. So what is it and what do you need to focus on for efficient management of sales territories?

Management of Sales Territories and Quotas

Sales territory management is more important than many may realize. So what is it and what do you need to focus on for efficient management of sales territories? Territory management is a customer group or geographic area over which either an individual salesperson or a sales team has responsibility.

These territories are usually defined based on geography, sales potential, its history or a combination of these factors. The ultimate aim of this division of areas is to maximise sales and profits, and to allocate resources efficiently.

It is very important to create sales territories that are balanced. When a sales territory is out of balance, there are two things that can happen. If a territory is being under-serviced, the sales team or salesperson is spread too thinly and it leads to sub-optimal levels of activity.

Those responsible for the territories will seek out too few leads, identify too little prospects and spend too little time with customers because they are overworked. This leads to customers going to competitors and you losing sales. Over-servicing in a territory is where the sales team has too little work and too many team members to service a small area.

This raises costs and prices overall which ultimately leads to reduced sales. Precious resources are also then not being utillized in more important areas. This can lead to under-servicing in other areas. Unbalanced territories can cause many problems. Some of these include the unfair distribution of sales potential amongst the sales force, distorted compensation amongst sales reps and, reps leaving the company to seek out better balance and compensation elsewhere. One of the things people can do to form good sales territories is sales potential forecasting.

This helps to determine sales targets and identifies areas that are worthy to allocate sparse resources to. Forecasting determines the number of prospects in an area and their combined and individual buying power. There are three main reasons why sales management usually employs territories. It can be customer-related which increases market coverage and provides good customer service.

This makes for higher sales figures and greater customer satisfaction. The second reason can be related to the salespeople themselves. It increases enthusiasm and motivation in teams. It is great for effective performance evaluation and decreases employee turnover while providing reward potential for the amount of effort taken.

The last reason can be releated to management. Control is enhanced with territory allocation and is great for promotion coordination. It provides potential for staff incentives and better allocation of costs per territory. Territory management can help spread out the workload for your sales team, allowing them to complete tasks more efficiently, build better customer relationships and increase the good-quality leads that they get.

Just as important is the motivation it provides to your sales team if they feel like they are being productive and accomplishing a lot of the sales goals they set out to do. You can sign up now for free. Blog - Sales techniques and processes. Back Next.

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10 Types of Sales Quotas

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Sales Territories

You set annual quotas for your sales organization from the top down. Effective top-down planning with bottom-up assessments ensures that quotas relate to corporate goals. After the sales plan is deployed for the year, sales executives can then monitor and track sales performance by comparing forecasts with sales and with quotas. Create sales goals such as number of sales calls. Review quotas assigned to you by your senior manager and allocate quotas to your salespeople.

By taking these simple steps when building your quotas, and avoiding a few easily made mistakes, you can set your business on a fast-track to success. There are a whole host of different sales quota examples. Some are purely of one quota type e.

A sales territory is defined as a group of present and potential customers assigned to an individual salesperson, a group of salesperson, a branch, a dealer, a distributor, or a marketing organization at a given period of time.

Many sales teams thrive with the help of quotas. The key is to set quotas that are both challenging and attainable. A sales quota refers to a time-bound sales target set by management for a particular region, sales team, or individual rep. Sales quotas are often attached to a daily, monthly, or quarterly period.

Sales territory management – why it is important

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