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It refers to the total amount of goods and services supplied by all the producers within an economy during a year. It is also known as total output. Growth in population, increased physical capital stock and technological progress are some events that increase the aggregate supply.

Determination of Income and Employment

It caused a profound shift in economic thought, giving macroeconomics a central place in economic theory and contributing much of its terminology [1] — the " Keynesian Revolution ". It had equally powerful consequences in economic policy, being interpreted as providing theoretical support for government spending in general, and for budgetary deficits, monetary intervention and counter-cyclical policies in particular. It is pervaded with an air of mistrust for the rationality of free-market decision making. Keynes denied that an economy would automatically adapt to provide full employment even in equilibrium, and believed that the volatile and ungovernable psychology of markets would lead to periodic booms and crises. The General Theory is a sustained attack on the classical economics orthodoxy of its time. It introduced the concepts of the consumption function , the principle of effective demand and liquidity preference , and gave new prominence to the multiplier and the marginal efficiency of capital. The central argument of The General Theory is that the level of employment is determined not by the price of labour, as in classical economics , but by the level of aggregate demand.

Credit market in classical model cont… , Similarly if rate of interest decreases than equilibrium rate of interest then investment become greater than saving. The core issue of macroeconomics is the determination of level of income, employment and output. Saving is increasing function of rate of interest while Investment is decreasing function of rate of interest. Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. The theory of Inflation, Business cycles, National Income and Employment etc False The subject matter of Theory and Firm and Product Pricing is Study of how reward for the factors of production - Land, Labor, Capital and Organization is determined False Study of theory of Demand, Supply, Production, Cost,Markets etc True In a competitive market it is not necessary that all income earned is automatically spent on consumption and investment. He wrote several books.

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The Keynesian Theory of Income, Output and Employment

In the Keynesian theory, employment depends upon effective demand. Effective demand results in output. Output creates income. Income provides employment. Since Keynes assumes all these four quantities, viz.

Macroeconomics is also known as the theory of income and employment, since the subject matter of macroeconomics revolves around determination of the level of employment and income. Consider the financial crisis. Share Your Word File Classical economists such as Adam Smith and Ricardo maintained that the growth of income and employment depends on the growth of the stock of fixed capital and inventories of wage goods. Since the publication of that book, a body of classic economic theory was developed gradually. This is the basic difference between Classical Theory and Keynesian Theory. It provides insights into the important macroeconomic issues, such as determination of output, employment, interest rates and inflation. At the time of the Great Depression, government participation through monetary and fiscal measures in the economy increased considerably.

Income and employment theory , a body of economic analysis concerned with the relative levels of output, employment, and prices in an economy. By defining the interrelation of these macroeconomic factors, governments try to create policies that contribute to economic stability. Modern interest in income and employment theory was triggered by the severity of the Great Depression of the s in the United States and Europe. In its failure to explain the persistent high levels of unemployment and the low levels of business productivity, the prevailing school of classical economics lacked solutions for the problems of that era. John Maynard Keynes offered new thinking on income and employment theory with the publication of General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money Building on his theory, Keynesians have stressed the relationship between income, output, and expenditure. What this equation means is that effective demand is equal to income as well as to output.

Income and Employment Theory

The modern theory of income and employment, for which we may thank the genius of J. Keynes , is without question the most important advance in economic analysis in the twentieth century. Keynes taught us to understand the nature of depressions and radically changed our thinking about how to deal with them.

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CBSE Class 12 Macro Economics Revision Notes Chapter 4 - Determination of Income and Employment

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