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matrix organizational structure advantages and disadvantages pdf

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When a business initiates a project, it can be crucial to have an organizational structure in place to define all the aspects of the project.

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Advantages & Disadvantages of Matrix Organizational Structures in Business Organizations

Read on to learn what is a matrix structure diagram, matrix structure diagram examples, and the advantages and disadvantages for both company and staff. The Matrix Structure Diagram is a hybrid of divisional and functional structure, which is used for reporting levels both horizontally as well as vertically. It is often used when the firm has to be highly responsive to a rapidly changing external environment. To get more free editable org charts, you can visit the Edraw template center and try to find your desired templates. If you would like to know how to create a matrix structure diagram , our Organizational Chart Software would help you a lot. Simply free download it to have a try. Create Org Chart for Word.

An organization with a functional structure is divided based on functional areas, such as IT, finance, or marketing. Explain the functional structure within the larger context of organizational structures in general. An organization can be arranged according to a variety of structures, which determine how the organization will operate and perform. In a functional structure, a common configuration, an organization is divided into smaller groups by areas of specialty such as IT, finance, operations, and marketing. Communication generally occurs within each functional department and is transmitted across departments through the department heads.

Matrix Structure Diagram Advantages, Disadvantages & Examples

When a matrix organizational structure is implemented within the workplace, then there are cross-business, cross-functional units which are working together. Within a matrix, an individual may have multiple supervisors because their work responsibilities are no longer linear. Someone who is in charge of marketing, for example, may also be responsible for customer service issues, being a liaison to the community, and perform sales functions in addition to their marketing responsibilities. This person would manage multiple projects for several different supervisors, even though none of them may be their direct supervisor. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of having a matrix organizational structure in the workplace. When a matrix organizational structure is implemented, then everyone stays busier on any given day.

A matrix organizational structure is an organizational-based foundation where the reporting relationships get set up as a grid. That means the traditional hierarchy disappears in the chain-of-command. Instead of reporting to a single supervisor or manager, employees have dual-reporting duties. There is usually a product and a functional manager that oversees productivity each day. Most large companies use the matrix organizational structure because of the efficiencies that it produces. Brands like Texas Instruments and Caterpillar require its supervisors to report along project and functional lines to ensure productivity levels remain high. Then the project and functional managers report to the C-Suite in some way.

Organizations with hierarchical structures are easily graphed and defined. Often described as "tree structures," they are unambiguous and relatively permanent organizational models, in which each element in the organization reports to a higher element and concludes with the CEO or Board of Directors at the top. A matrix organizational structure, by contrast, is everything that a hierarchical structure is not. There are separate chains of command and employees are generally accountable to more than one boss. A well-known feature of this hierarchical model is that everyone in the organization reports to a single boss. The matrix structure is different in striking ways:. Matrix structures evolved in response to the rise of large-scale projects in contemporary organizations.

Matrix Organizational Structure: Advantages and Disadvantages

A matrix organizational structure is most commonly used in companies to distribute resources and workers across multiple operations. This type of structure can have both advantages and disadvantages within the workplace. Understanding the benefits and downsides of a matrix organizational structure can help you determine if this type of structure is best for your company. In this article, we will discuss what a matrix organizational structure is as well as the advantages and disadvantages of this workplace approach.

15 Matrix Organizational Structure Advantages and Disadvantages

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5 Advantages and Disadvantages of the Matrix Organizational Structure

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